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 Our PTO officers are


President Cathy Demby
Vice President Tiffany Robinson
Treasurer Gwendolyn Boyd
Secretary LaTonya Jones


PTO Committees


Appreciation: Responsible for showing appreciation to teachers & students (teacher appreciation week, secretary day, etc. Students during testing, special events, etc.)


Fundraising: Responsible for coming up with fundraising ideas for the PTO and organizing them.


Positive Publicity & Communication: Responsible for getting more positive information out to the community, school, etc. This committee will work to get the VHS website up-to-date, implement a newsletter and Facebook group.


Beautification: Responsible for improving the appearance of our school inside and outside.


Teacher Support: Responsible for offering support for any of the teachers’ needs (copies, chaperone’s, etc.)


Safety: Responsible for ideas to help make our school a safer environment.


If you are interested in joining the PTO or helping with one of the committees, please attend a meeting. We meet on the Third Monday of every month in the VHS cafeteria at 5:30PM. If the meeting falls on a holiday, we will meet on the next Monday. If you are unable to attend a meeting but would like an item to be discussed at a PTO meeting, please contact one of the PTO officers listed above.




PTO registration form


Faculty/Club announcement form