Gator Girls



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Sponsor(s) - Ms. Kimberlee Yates


The Gator Girls, formally known as the “Gator Gals,” was established in 1976 by Cathy Pace, a former Vicksburg High School Choral Director. Over the past 40 years, the Gator Girls Dance Team has proudly represented Vicksburg High School in performances at Vicksburg High School pep rallies and football games to New Orleans Saints football Pre-Game and Halftime Shows all the way to the Vatican City in Italy. The “GG Style” of dance is fun, high energy, and very entertaining. Because Gator Girls are real dancers, there is a strong emphasis on continual technical training and development.


The Gator Girls Dance Team is committed to encouraging all dancers to strive for excellence and enjoy the journey along the way. We believe each dancer has the ability to increase her physical, emotional, and intellectual well-being through our dance program. The Gator Girls Dance Team promotes strong self-confidence, self-respect, discipline, and appreciation of music and dance.


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